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Better than smartphone: netbook via cell phone

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Side show: in-car video (2 cameras)


Mind you: the mohammedan problem - and its solution...


1 Why 'netbook over cell phone' may be superior to a smartphone

Let's think for a moment: You are used to your home situation. There you usually have a landline phone with a DSL modem, to which you connect your computer (fx laptop). You are used to this system, it has stood the test of time, and you are prepared to deal with the most common emergencies. So why would you embark on a new and different technology which a smartphone inevitably represents? Why don't you just continue in your car the same principle you are using at home? It can be done, and according to my opinion, this is a smarter formula than a so-called smartphone.

You mount a cradle for your cell phone there, connected to your roof antenna (NB: On page 2, I'll prove to you why you definitely ought to have an external antenna, not a booster), car battery, microphone and loudspeaker. When getting into your car, you place your phone into this cradle, and it is connected.

You put your fx netbook into your trunk and connect it to your battery. You also have a USB hub there, so that you can connect your USB devices with 1 plug only. You control this netbook through the periphery near your steering wheel, which is a fx 8" monitor, a small mouse and ditto keyboard.

And how do you access the internet? Through a bluetooth dongle at the end of a USB extension, that you place next to your phone. This way, you have total access to your phone - its high-speed modem, and also its other features, like images or videos, captured with its camera.

If this doesn't convince you yet, let me give you a few practical examples:

- You will have all your computer's features at your disposal in your car, like: Next to having all your files available

Windows Explorer

you can fx play your computer-stored music through your car stereo, or can use GPS navigation without having to buy a stand-alone GPS system:

Quo Vadis/Winamp

- This is the internet, through your phone's high-speed modem and its external antenna:


- Your monitor *) will also be capable of displaying video recordings if you decide to record the traffic you're moving in - try this with a smartphone:


Ideally, your antenna should be positioned in the middle of the roof. Compare this photo of a swiss fire chief's car which is equipped with 2 correct roof antennas

roof antennas

(2, because he has 2 trunked radios, one according to the classic analogue standard, and a new one following the digital standard; that is not quite identic to mobile phone, but a similar technology - anyway, the antenna part in both cases follows the same physical principles). Most people don't like the idea of having to drill a hole in the centre of the roof, so the second-best solution is to place it at the rear edge of the roof - a formula popular in Europe. For those who even there do not want a hole, the third-best solution is an on-glass antenna high on the rear windshield, thus not far from the roof's edge - see 1st photo on page 2, or click here or here.


2 This is not my own idea - we (in Europe) used to have that, before America entered the market

For younger readers, and for all readers in the Americas who've never known anything different, let me insert here a short explanation:

In mobile communications, the Americas have gone through a different technological development in this field, thus had different products. On its own, this wouldn't be tragic. But what indeed is tragic is that, while the world ultimately has adopted GSM, the european technical standard for mobile communications, it also adopted the american product standard, thereby simultaneously and needlessly trashing the former european product quality standard. This is tantamount to a hypothetic 'abandoning of the Mercedes brand because there is Chrysler'.

What did europeans have that americans have never known? Americans made a hard transition from properly mounted (external antenna connection, etc) carphones to handheld phones freely radiating inside the car. In Europe (and Australia, New Zealand), we had an intermediate stage: We could buy a carkit for our handheld phone, made by the maker of our phone (usually Ericsson or Nokia). Once this carkit was properly mounted inside our car, we put our phone into its cradle, and it was automatically connected to the outside antenna (switching off its own antenna), to the car's battery, and to the car's audio components. It thereby became a full-fledged carphone. Also, we could connect our laptop to the black box and thus could use the phone's modem to access the internet. When we left our car, we could obviously take the phone along with us.

A picture is worth a thousand words? See this historic sample photo:

european cellphone

From bottom left, clockwise: microphone, phone cradle with all the contacts (note: antenna contact, top left inside!), loudspeaker, black box, Ericsson 888 (2G model, so 900/1800 MHz only, not suitable for rapid packet-switched data transmission), data cable. An even clearer photo of this construction principle is this one (see antenna contact inside the cradle, top right [different phone model, same construction principle]):

european cellphone

It is taken from this Wiki page. Americans with their notoriously kitschy bling-bling can only dream of such a solid, professional, superior quality. This in general is the north american (US, Canada) problem, which makes that their 'quality' notion is inferior to european qualität (german)/kvaliteit (dutch)/kvalitet (scandinavian): After having made a good invention, they just can't seem to see when it's time to stop. In their creative rage, they and the system they have built with the revenue from the invention just continue to 'disimprove' things that originally were good - group insanity...

The classic european formula is the logical, ideal solution, and there is no real reason to abandon it - unless you have some kind of hidden agenda, I would say. And, as could be expected, the 'elite' continue to use it (ie apparently tailor-made systems, or such sold under the counter - try to get one such system yourself...), see danish justice minister Morten Bødskov in august 2012 (imagery © DR) - first image: phone plus computer screen, second image: roof antenna.

elite1 elite2

Ask yourself this question: Why would you settle for less than the 'elite' does?!

Mind you, after evaluating all the evidence available, and more or less knowing how things interact in this world, the probable course of events here will have been this one: After handheld phones had become a reality, including converting them while driving into carphones (through the earlier european carkit formula presented above), with the option of connecting one's laptop, the american government - thinking of upcoming faster (data traffic) mobile phone systems - will have said 'Stop, not here, for reasons of [so-called] security' [ie the government must always stay ahead of citizens]. So the US industry like Motorola obeyed and didn't produce european-style carkits.

But the worst thing is to come: Why should european industry follow? Ericsson, Nokia & co had the superior formula. Would Mercedes trash their cars because there is Chrysler? Of course not. But this is exactly what happened here. How did they make them kind of commit suicide? I would assume the US administration exerted pressure on their european colleagues, and these minions were only too happy to oblige. And in Asia, they do not have the direct contact to the west (for language reasons) that we have, so they just traditionally fullfil the expectations of the largest market, thus the one in the US.

So there you have it: This is how european culture was lost to american kitsch this time. Sorry but true. But not irreversible...


3 How to implement this formula

As the entire trade nowadays is on the smartphone lemming track, no dealer/workshop seems to be prepared, willing, able (?) to give you this solution formula any more. They are so adamant in enforcing smartphones glued to your windshield on you that it is hard to believe there are not some ulterior motives behind it.

This is not so grave, however: Just cut the venture down to small, easily digestable pieces, and you will most probably get there. You'll find detailed advice on page 2.



Here are a few samples. Maybe I will add some more 1-minute clips from other countries sometime in the future. You can choose from available options - like watching them in full size at Vimeo - by right-clicking on the videos:

Switzerland motorway

New Zealand motorway

Switzerland country road

New Zealand country road

Switzerland small city streets

New Zealand city streets

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