Some traffic videos

Preliminary note: Early in 2018, I wanted to take my car to Australia, travel there and bring you some footage and photos from there. Text continues below these impressions:


Location (look west)

Location (look south)


This should not be a problem according to the UN's Vienna convention on road traffic, which most countries on all continents respect on reciprocity, even non-signatories: I know from personal experience that Europe and the Americas play by its rules. I also have personal experience from countries in Asia and Africa, and read corresponding car travel reports from others who collected more experience there. So what about Australia, and probably New Zealand? Well...

Talking about Australia (instead of Australia, it could also read New Zealand - all the evidence available lets us assume that their situation is the same), the first thing that strikes is that there doesn't seem to be a clear distinction between a permanent importation and a temporary importation. How could it otherwise happen that those in charge among publicans and pharisees (customs brokers etc) keep on emphasising the necessity of conversions, payment of duties etc - all things that are characteristic of a permanent importation, but not a temporary such?

Once you have confronted them with international practices and managed to get them to reason, their last line of defence then is that they insist on the alleged necessity of a carnet. In general, on a global basis, carnets are rather the exception than the rule. In an organised country like Australia or New Zealand, a carnet can only be considered a type of bureaucratic harassment. So you face this alternative: Either you cram their rental car trade by renouncing to bring your own car, instead rent one; or you cram their publicans and pharisees. Both are mafias, and apparently the government does not have the will and/or strength to drain this swamp.

According to the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the only thing you would need is an 'application for permission to take delivery of goods...', form B46AA. So this necessity for goods is comparable to their electronic visa for people. If you read the accompanying information, you see that they do realise that there is a difference compared to a permanent importation (as mentioned, this was not clear in the beginning), and that they do accept a temporary importation. In the case of a car so imported, a carnet is NOT mandatory: A less formal security is sufficient. If the vehicle value is below 50'000 AUD, there is no security requirement at all.

The biggest madness is this: Australia and New Zealand have a significant number of bilateral treaties, that have led to facilitated exchanges. But it didn't occur to anyone there (!) that it might be a good idea to also include tourist car travels...

So why do I explain all this, instead of just travelling? Well, in practice it shows that Australia does not seem to play by its own rules: When you get in touch with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, they claim that a carnet still is necessary. When you draw their attention to their own rules, instead of apologising for their contradictory chaos, they drown you in bureaucratic junk, instead of relating to the argument.

Even if you are ready to incur a carnet, there remains insecurity with regard to possibly excessive cleaning requirements (normally, a reasonably clean car would do, which then will be fumigated inside the port). Add to that an excessive delay of about a week until customs are ready at all to inspect the arrived car. Another such insecurity is that you continue to hear the alleged necessity of relicensing your car, although it has a valid foreign licence; and even worse, not only one for all of Australia, but one for every state you want to visit. This is total chaos, unworthy of a civilised country. Welcome to Australia...

Here are a few traffic videos made with 2 cameras, ie one front-view and one rear-view camera, then run through an editor:

Switzerland motorway

New Zealand motorway

Switzerland country road

New Zealand country road

Switzerland small city streets

New Zealand city streets